Pete Carroll Says Seahawks Could Be 8-0, Ignores Reality

In a interview with 710 AM in Seattle Pete Carroll said

After eight games we could easily be 8-0. We could be 8-0 right now. And I think,I hate to think of it this way,but if you go ahead and you look at us a year ahead from now, when these guys have been through all of this, then all of these edges that we need ,these little edges that you need if they fall in our favor then we have a great football team.”

So yes its true all the Seahawks losses were by 7 points or less, but Carroll is not looking at the other side of things, they also have wins by 1 point, 2 points, and 4 points, so they could just as easily by 1-7. By Carroll’s logic I could easily date Kate Upton.


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