“Athlete” Can’t Figure Out She’s Pregnant


Duluth News Tribune – Trish Staine is one of those rare cases of a woman who didn’t know she was pregnant until minutes before she gave birth.

Now I have always been one to assume that the people that train for marathons are very in tune with their bodies. or at least that is what they will tell you over and over again if you let them. Trish though was somehow so unaware of her body she ran nine miles that morning, but really what happened next was worse.

She took some pain relievers. She took baths. She lay down. It got worse.

Ah yes, pain relievers, I am sure those will be excellent for your unborn fetus.

And then:

There was no kicking, no movement, John said. His wife even looked like she’d lost weight while training hard for the half-marathon.

I like this babies chances i gotta say. And really maybe the most telling line of the entire article really tells me Trish is in a little trouble for this one:

“Whose baby is that? It’s not possible,” said John, who had a vasectomy.

Uh oh.


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