Wisconsin Threatens To Pull Jump Around, Hates Students



Madison, WI – 

Several people, all much smarter than me, have come forth with a reasonable solution to the irreverent cheer from students at University of Wisconsin football games.

It’s all based on the principle of leverage.

If the offending chant is heard at Camp Randall Stadium before the fourth quarter, then “Jump Around’’ won’t be played.

If, predictably, the profanities come to life after “Jump Around’’ is played, then one of the most iconic celebrations in all of college football goes away for the next game … or games.

The three remaining home dates in November — the Badgers play Brigham Young on Nov. 9; Indiana on Nov. 16; Penn State on Nov. 30 — should give this concept a suitable test run should it be implemented.

Instead of pleas and directives from UW authority figures, which clearly haven’t worked over the years, you give those in the student section an option going forward.

They can either continue to offend or they can continue to participate in one of the coolest in-game rituals in all of college sports.

Hey, they’re smart kids. They’ll do the right thing.

I have no idea what school would threaten to pull the greatest tradition in college sports. Out of all the dumb ideas to come out of Madison this one would beat them all. You would destroy a amazing home field advantage. Also lets face it, the fuck you/eat shit chant is just as much a part of the Camp Randall experience as Jump Around. These games are paid for by student, with student tution. You already don’t allow us to drink at the games, what’s next, no cheering too loud? Who is complaining about this chant? Families? Guess what a college stadium is not a place for family day. Alumni? Get back in your Prius and go home.  Stop being a baby if you don’t like the chant don’t go to or watch the game. Long live fuck you/eat shit, and long live Jump Around.


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