Shooto Brazil Runs The Most Confusing Anti Violence Campaign Ever


MMAFIGHTING.COM – Shooto Brazil announced a shocking man vs. woman fight for their 25th edition on Friday night in Rio de Janeiro. However, the fight was never expected to happen.

So initally I just assumed this was a Lindsay Lohan like plea to get media attention focused on the promotion. A sad, lonely, desperate, plea. Turns out the truth is actually kind of worse:

Multiple sources close to the situation informed MMA Fighting on Wednesday that the fight wouldn’t happen, and it was just a way to promote Shooto Brazil’s support to “Lei Maria da Penha”, a law created to stop violence against women in Brazil.

So just to be clear, in an effort to say it’s not ok to beat up women, Shooto Brazil decided to schedule a man vs woman mma fight? I guess I just have to assume Brazil is some kind of opposite land. They must shoot themselves in the thigh to promote proper gun safety. I also feel like Falcao didn’t read the memo, his recent comments on the fight make it seem more real than promotion:

“I was hired to fight, and I’m going there to fight,” Falcao said. “My job is to train and fight. This is the first of the many man vs. woman fights that will come in the future. You’ll see. This is going to be huge. We’re here to shock the world.”

So the fight is off, but Brazil, get your act together, send us some more supermodels, but lay off the “viral” (i assume) support campaign.



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