Of Course Donald Trump Would Defend Donald Sterling



Well I guess it was only a matter of time before this situation get ever more insane. From Trump:

“It’s terrible,” Trump said. “He got set up by a very, very bad girlfriend. Let’s face it. She’s (sic) the girlfriend from Hell. … It’s so bad. She was baiting him and she’s a terrible human being. He gave horrible answers and disgusting answers.

So yeah, Sterling said some bad things guys but come on he was tricked by a “pretty” girl!

But Trump isn’t done apologizing for a blatant racist:

“I think he could be out of it, frankly,” Trump said. “Based on his actions he could be pretty much out of it, in terms of his whole mentality. The way she led him on — he should know, if he was there or he was with it, after one or two of those questions that she was asking that there’s something going on here.”

Falling back on the “he’s old he doesn’t know what he’s saying” is right up there with athletes claiming their twitter was hacked after they post something stupid. Also several reports have gone on to state that it was Sterling who recorded the conversations, so it sounds like he knew what was going on. If Donald Trump is your ally, you’re just better off handing over the team now.



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