Bro Does Wheelie Into Pool

The video is about two minutes too long but the first few seconds are gold. Nothing like trying to be the badass at a party and seeing your bike at the bottom of the pool. This video could also be called how not to get chicks at a party.

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Whoever Was Running The St Paul Saints Twitter Is A Psychopath


Gotta assume here that some poor intern thought they had a really great idea, and then once they actually posted the picture realized their life was over. Really nothing like using a found dead animal to put fear in your opponents. Go Saints.

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Tuesday Morning Hotness


Wimbledon begins today, and while I could care less Maria Kirilenko can make it watchable.

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Monday Morning Motivation


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Skydiving (probably fake) MMA Is A Thing Now

I think at this point it’s time to say that you’re not a man if you can’t do skydiving MMA. Cage fighting is over, pack it up UFC this is the next great thing.

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Oh Good These Two Are Friends


This is like some terrible acid trip coming to reality. Two people that I couldn’t stand less and are so over rated in their fields. It’s like a crap tornado slamming into a sewage dump. I’ll let you decide who is who.

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Last Week Tonight Is Quickly Producing The Best Sports Segments

It’s becoming sad when the British are putting out better humor and analysis pieces on football then us. Come on America get to it!!

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